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Terms of Use

All material on this website is made available free of charge for individual, non-commercial use only.

Commercial exploitation of the maps, datasets, and background material provided on this website, whether in their original form or in maps of data created on this site, is prohibited without licence.


The 1746 John Rocque map is reproduced here under licence from Motco Enterprises Limited. The 1869-80 Ordnance Survey is reproduced under licence from Landmark Information Group.

The datasets remain under the copyright of the projects which originally created them: Old Bailey Online, London Lives, the Centre for Metropolitan History, or Museum of London Archaeology.

Copyright in all other material on this site is owned by the University of Hertfordshire, the University of London, and the University of Sheffield.

Citation Guide

Users who wish to cite material from the website in publications should, as with all internet publications, cite the URL ( and the date on which the website was consulted. Additionally, they should also cite the version number (i.e. 1.0), found in the bottom left of every page on this site. This website is updated regularly, and including the version number allows others to trace your research process.

Background Pages

Citations of pages from the Historical Background and About the Project pages should cite the title of the page, such as "Mapping Methodology", using the following format:

  • "Mapping Methodology", Locating London's Past (, version 1.0, 17 December 2011).

Subsequent citations in the same publication could use a shortened form, such as:

  • "Mapping Methodology", Locating London's Past [or LLP].

Maps Created on this Site

Citations should include enough information to allow the reader to reproduce the search(es) you conducted which created your map, for example:

  • Locating London's Past, The Old Bailey Proceedings, 1740-1749, mapping all categories of crime, by crime location and defendant gender: female, onto Rocque's 1746 map of London.

A citable search URL, map export function and citation generator are in preparation.

Downloaded Files

If you download the Population Data or the Geocoder, you agree to use these for non-commerical purposes only. If you publish any material based on these files/tools, please acknowledge Locating London's Past as their creator.

Future Developments

A citable search URL, map export function and citation generator are in preparation.